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Tianjin Jiuri New Materials Co., Ltd.,founded in 1998,is the largest worldwide photoinitiator manufacturer,which is also a listed company in SSE STAR Market.It is a hi-tech enterprise specialized in R&D,manufacturing,sales and service of photoinitiators monomers,oligomers,UV absorbers.(stock name:JIURI New Materials,stock Code:688199)

JIURI New Materials’s headquarter is located at Huayuan Hi-tech park in Binhai Hi-tech Development Area,Tianjin.The company owns nine subsidiaries [Shandong JIURI Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd.,Changzhou JIURI New Materials Co.,Ltd.,Tianjin JIURI Trading Co.,Ltd.,Hunan JIURI New Materials Co.,Ltd.,JIURI New Materials(Hong Kong) Co.,Ltd.,JIURI New Materials(Dongying)Co.,Ltd.Neimenggu JIURI New Materials Co.,Ltd., Ningxia JIURI Chemical Co.,Ltd.,and Tianjin JIUYUAN New Materials Technology Co.,Ltd.] and one logistics center.Shandong JIURI is our comprehensive production base and is manufacturing high and mid end photoinitiators. Changzhou JIURI is JIURI New Materials’s manufacturing base of bulk photoinitiators.Hunan JIURI is the very first automated...


In October 1998


Registered capital: 111.2268 million yuan

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